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Product Research and Sourcing

Product Research and Sourcing

This virtual Assistant will be assigned to discover products to purchase at a wholesale price and promote on Amazon. To make the process of researching products even less difficult, you can use a few applications. The VA will negotiate with vendors to get the best deals that are worthwhile for your online business. Ideally, employ someone who has background experience in the same discipline either online or offline.

Valuable Products Sourcing

Our team’s approach for product hunting is to meet the supply and demand strategy for Amazon market. We use modern tools for product hunting for your Amazon account. It helps you achieve the best possible product to earn a healthy profit margin.

We determine supply and demand by checking sales for each product every month. This tells us which product is in demand and how we can target to sell it on Amazon account. We find products with high sales volume through Amazon’s Best Seller Ranking system (BSR) and other tools like jungle scout, sonar and FBA wizard Pro to hunt best-selling products for your Amazon account.