Amazon PPC Management Services

Increase sales and boost brand recognition with professionally managed PPC Ads and Campaigns

Amazon PPC Management

Creating successful Ad campaigns through Amazon’s PPC (Pay-per-click) platform helps boost sales and brand recognition. This helps your product to appear on the first page when a customer searches for products using the keywords that you have specified for your PPC Ads. It helps to bring sales and increase gross income.

The challenge comes when we need to design a correct strategy for creating PPC Ads in a way that spends less and adds more value to your Product’s sales.


POA Solutions have helped several Amazon sellers to grow their brands with strategic PPC Ads and campaigns. Our experts develop budget-centric PPC Strategies and bid at lower Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) which ensures sales drive. Our team focus on building campaigns that generate traffic with a higher conversion rate at minimum ACoS


Brand sponsored campaigns are mainly designed to enhance brand recognition for all product lines. Our expert team designed and managed AD campaigns, content headlines, and landing pages to boost your rank in the Amazon market. We focus on targeted campaigns to generate ROI


Sponsored products appear before non-sponsored listings on the sales-per-click rate. Our team is exceptional in creating optimized ads to boost attributed sales via valid impressions and clicks at a lower ACoS rate. We also help you advertise and market your campaigns for future potential sales


Display Ads are useful when developing marketing strategies for future potential sales. They are good with relatively lower ACoS. We create and design engaging display ads to populate them for your potential consumers. Display ads are helpful for consistent branding and nurturing leads to get a higher return on investment


POA Solutions helps to create, post, and manage brand enhanced content for registered brands on Amazon. We design optimized A+ content for your products. Our focus is to create engaging and alluring videos that entice the buyer and maximize ROI


Improved Product Ranking

Brand Awareness and Visibility

Enhanced Customer Reach

Better Sales & Conversions

Avail Our Exclusive PPC Campaign Services

Audit PPC Campaigns

Our thorough auditing technique includes rectifying issues in your active campaigns and modifying them to get you higher sales. We perform in-depth data research and scrutinizing to find room for improvement in your campaigns. Our job is to ensure that you receive maximum sales

Competitor Research

Competitor analysis includes thorough competitor research of sellers in your niche to help you understand where you stand in the market. Our purpose is to keep a vigilant eye on your competitors and help you develop marketing strategies that enable you to stand out and improve your sales

Customized Campaign Strategy

We derive customized strategies based on your business needs after meticulously analyzing your present state in the market, the competition you hold, and essential keywords for effective performance. The key goal of devised advertising strategy is to enhance your sales and revenue

PPC Campaign Set-Up and Management

You will get effective campaigns that enhance your sales. Our job is to advertise selected products on essential keywords with reasonable ACoS when structuring a campaign. Moreover, continuous monitoring of sales bids for impactful keywords is included in the overall performance of a campaign

Keyword Research

Our expert services cover in-depth keyword research for the best outcome of the campaigns. We incorporate long-tail, short-tail, and perfect-match keywords for effective strategies that maximize your product visibility and ROI. This is done by using state-of-the-art tools to discover relevant keywords for your products

Reports and Updates

With our method of reporting, you will be able to see the impact on sales and ROI. We provide comprehensive reports and analytics of campaign performance and its effectiveness. Our multiple analytic metrics include CTR, attributed sales, sales history, impressions, conversion rates, and ACoS etc


It is important to choose the strategy that works best for your Amazon Business according to your budget, target audience, and marketplace. Amazon offers all of the above strategies to sellers at different pricing, so it is critical to precisely analyze the campaigns, keywords, and Ad budget etc

We help new and existing Amazon Sellers to boost their sales with solid PPC Campaigns Strategies created by our expert virtual assistants. They create, monitor, and manage PPC Campaigns to get maximum sales so you could focus on scaling your business.